Journal 5

Before I came to US, I didn’t know that there are so many different languages spoken in US. There are many different races, and it doesn’t mean that English is the only language spoken. Also, after I visited US, I thought there were many different aspects that are mixed together. For example, there were people who were dancing in front of White House, and there was a rock band in the baseball stadium. It was an unusual sight for me. I think new combinations are created in US everyday, and this is one of the reason why new things are always invented in the US.

On August 9th, I listened to Dr. Fisher’s lecture. He said that stereotype means assumption or belief about certain groups of people, including other races, cultures, or nationalities that may not accurately reflect reality. I didn’t think that there is stereotype in US this time, but I think there might be stereotype if I live longer in US, and be deeply involved with certain community. Dr. Andrew also said that the Native Americans are the only group of people that is used as mascots, and most of the stereotype of Native American is  that they hunt buffaloes. However, Dr. Andrew said that Native Americans also farm and fish. I think The communities in US are very diverse, so if we don’t learn and understand about each other, the stereotype will not disappear.

On August 11th, I listened to Mr. Padilioni Jr’s lecture. He said during World WarⅡ, there was internment of Japanese Americans in the United States. After the internment of Japanese American, the Japanese Americans and African Americans started to fight against the race discrimination together. I didn’t know that Japanese American and African American both started to fight against the race discrimination together. They worked together because they were both discriminated. I think race discrimination is still a big problem now.

From these two lectures, I thought that stereotype and discrimination are closely related to each other. I think many examples of discrimination are based on stereotype. Mr. Padilioni Jr also told us that there was a poster of a soap that make sarcastic remarks. On the poster, it showed that the white kid see the black kid washed by the soap, and the color of his skin became lighter. I think this poster will escalate the stereotype that black is filthy, and as a result, people might give unequal treatment between black and white.

In 21centry, the world is starting to globalize, and the number of people who cross the border is getting larger and larger. There are problems that should be solved global scale, such as environmental problem and food problem. However, there is no government that unify the whole world, and interests of every country are different. There are problems of how to integrate people, and make one decision. I think US is an important country to learn how to cope with these problem, and I want to learn more about US history in days to come.

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