Journal 5

Before I participated in this program, I thought there would be few difficulties in communication in English. It is because I had rarely felt inconvinient during speaking English in Japan. However after this program, I fully realized I have to study not for the purpose for speaking English but for using English as a tool. I felt as a difficulty when we talked about the difference of our culture. As most of the students in William and Marry were very familiar with Japanese culture, so it was easy to talk about the subject. On the other hand it was difficult to answer about Japanese culture. In contrast, students in William and Marry wer so familiar to their countries culture. When I did not know well about the religion in America, they told me about it, and I understood about it deeply. From this experience, I thought I have to learn about not only American culture, but also Japanese culture more deeply.
The lectures were more useful than I thought before. What I was most interested in the lecture was the problem of blacks and whites. I knew that this problem was very serious, even passed many years Emancipation Proclamation was brought out.
It was interesting to compare Williamsburg with Washington D.C.. In Williamsburg.
American people greet each other, even they do not know each other. I felt it very warm. When I say ”Hello” to strange people , they reply to me with nice smile. Also, when I buy something in shop, clerk starts with greeting like ”How are you?”. Japanese has no habit like this so it was rare to see it. American people might have this habit because that there are many immigrants and many people from different countries, different backgrounds. Thus, they had to know each other by greeting. On the other hand, Japan is a island and it was not necessary to do this.
What I thought Japan should learn from America was that to use leftover system. I was impressed that in USA, it is usual to use this system. Although some Japanese take care of sanitation strictly, I thought the system should spread more in Japan.
Also, I learned many things from visiting the Sumesonian Musium. I was so happy to visit those places for free. And what was wonderful is that there were many exhibits which came from different countries. I was very impressed when I went to”the Museum of Holocaust”. I learned it when I was in high school, though knowing their real voice and watching the thing left by the Jewish directly, my heart was almost breaking with sorrow. What was a little consolation for me was that there were Germen who fought for Jewish by putting Jewish marks on themselves. I would like to come back to D.C. and come to this museum again. We should not forget this tragedy for not to repeat it.
I was also glad to visit the Japanese Embassy.The talk of the member of the embassy was very interesting, especially the talk about how to learn English for using it as a tool and how did they decided their work. I had known it is not easy to be a diplomat, though they talked to us with in plain words and humor. My dream is to let people out of Japan know the great part of Japan. So it was so useful to know about their job.
I really want to visit the United States again.
What I regret a little is that I should had studied about World History again before this program, so that I could have expand my knowledge much more. By watching the historical materials and buildings, I realized that what I studied happened actually. I was so happy to feal like that.
What I wanted to learn is American young people’s language. During this program, I learned some of it and it was interesting.
I want to say thank you to my parents who allowed me to participate in this program, and also to all of the member who took part in it. I am so glad that to meet with the member of the College of William and Marry.

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