Journal Entry 5

After arriving at Japan, I realized many same points as what I expected before leaving Japan, and different points too. First, most of food menu was so big size for Japanese that I was bit confused. When we got to seaside restaurant at Williamsburg, I felt so strongly. I heard we would eat salad with crab cake from our CI, so I imagined we would eat salad as the appetizer and other snacks. But my guess was wrong. It was clearly that the salad was given as main dish because it was 10 times larger than that I ate as the appetizer in Japan. After all, I couldn’t finish a meal. In addition to this, I realized that American street was filled with hamburger shops. I often eat noodle as lunch or dinner in Japan, in contrast, I felt I ate hamburger in America as often as noodle in Japan. As a result, I got a bit fat.(increased 2 kilogram) I understood the fear of getting weight overseas.

Second, my English wasn’t gotten through to native people as much as I hoped. That was shocking fact for me. Actually I practiced to talk with foreigners in English at English conversation school. The teacher were so kind that I felt safe when I told what I wanted to say in English. They became hard to understand my clumsy English. But the reality was not so sweat. Most of American’s English was so fast that I who is poor at listening to English couldn’t continue conversation smoothly. And because of lack of my vocabulary, there were many situations when I couldn’t tell what I wanted to say. I expected, but I recognized I didn’t have enough knowledge of English. After all, I tried to talk within 5 words English. I’d like to continue to practice talking with foreigners like that style.

Next, what I never forget was their sense of traffic. When we were at Williamsburg, we almost use a van as the way of transportation. Then I realized that the average speed of not only our van but other cars around ours are clearly faster than Japanese. In addition, Various parts of the road(←360) were so rough that the van was shaken harder and I felt nauseated a little. I think these things may be the sign of American’s personality. I wonder if the traffic law in America is not so strict as in Japan.(402)

At last, I sum up this summer program. This is my first trip abroad (Strickly speaking, I’ve been to Guam. But most of the local people could speak Japanese, so I don’t regard it as an overseas trip), so I was very nervous before arriving at Washington. Sure enough, I was very confused by touching English atmosphere and local English. But after a week, I learned somehow approach of several situations. Honestly speaking, I don’t think I improved my English essentially. But it was certainly benefit that I touched the atmosphere of foreign country. If I plan to go abroad again in the future, I’ll recall this experiences.

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