journal 5

It was the second time to visit the US in my life. But when I first visited the US with my family, I was only six and I couldn’t understand English and didn’t know about the US.

So I felt it was my first time to visit foreign country.


Before I visited the US in this CCC program, I thought I know about the US a lot because the US is one of the biggest and most powerful country in the world and Japan and the US are on good terms with each other. However, after finishing this program, I realized that I was wrong. I didn’t know about the US well. Some of my images to the US which I had before has changed through this program.


Then, I will write about what I felt, thought and learned in this program.


I spent two weeks in the US which has different culture I had never experienced, with about fifty students and teachers whom I didn’t know well. Actually, I am shy and introverted in general. I don’t like to speak people, and I don’t like a situation people are always around me. Especially, if I don’t know the person well. And I don’t like being different places I’m not used to. So I really felt anxious before the program. I even regretted having applied for the program a little bit.

But, I really enjoyed this two weeks though there were many strangers, and I was in a different place. I think it’s because I liked people in the US and the atmosphere of the US.


I really liked to talk with people in the US including PAs and CIs. I think it’s because they are good at talking with others. Although I am not good at speaking, and I can’t express myself in English well, they always tried to talk to me and let us join conversations. They spoke slowly in plain English, and as we got used to listening to their English, they spoke little bit faster. So I could feel I was getting better and I liked it. They are also really good at keep conversation.

When I answered a question in just a simple word like “Yes”, “No” or “I don’t know”, they kept talking by asking another question or talking about another topic. So I rarely felt sorry not to be able to be good at speaking.


And what I liked the most when I talked with them was the way of their thinking, their generosity. I tend to have different opinions from those of “normal” people.

If I tell Japanese my own opinion or something unusual, they may say it is weird or even bad.

On the other hand, when I told them something unusual, they say it is interesting.

I can’t figure out what make these difference between Japanese and them but I like their attitude.

I don’t know why but I think Japanese people tend to force others to fit into a mold, and I don’t like that attitude because it kills potential possibility of a person.

I also don’t know why they are more generous than Japanese but nothing could be brought about without something different, something unusual.

I think Japanese people should be more generous.


I liked to walk around cities in the US because it was really pleasant. I could feel relaxed by just walking in a city. Maybe it’s because the scenery seemed to be very beautiful for me.

Sky is open, streets are straight and wide, houses are built in similar style, green is everywhere. On the other hand, in Tokyo or Yokohama where I live now, buildings are high, little green, houses are built randomly.

I wish I could live in a city where I can feel free and relaxed.


In 5 journals, I write about a lot of things of the US and this journal is the last one.

I’m already missing everything I experienced in this program.

Thanks to you, my experience couldn’t be better and I never forget this.

I hope to see you again, thank you!


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