Journal 5

In August 20, we finished all programs of W&M university – keio university course and came back to Japan. I was interested in the cultural differences between Japan and America and the factors of these differences, because I wondered that there were many differences between Japan and America though we are the same specific. So I thought that this course is important and decided to join this course.

The way of this class consists of three steps. The first way is “Lecture”. Each teacher thought me various disciplines, American culture, history and social problem. After that, we discussed about those lectures. This is the second way, “dialogue class”. In parallel, we were divided into 8 groups and made presentations about various topic about a difference between Japan and America each group. I belonged to 7group. These ways like the ways of my seminar.

In my seminar, we learn and discuss about microeconomics. In parallel, I am making an essay about IT technology until “Mita festival” with members of my seminar. When I became junior, I could take such class. When I was freshmen and sophomore, I took the classes which were one-side and defensive. I can’t mention which way is better, but I think it is necessary to take the one-side and defensive classes when students are freshmen and sophomore. There are two reasons why I think so. The first reason is that there are many fields, business, commerce, and marketing in my faculty. So it is necessary to take the one-side and defensive classes, to find out a faculty about which one wants to learn deeply. The second reason is that it is necessary to acquire knowledge about a faculty about which one wants to learn before joining to seminar. So we should take the one-side and defensive classes when students are freshmen and sophomore.

This program had various activities except for classes and these activities were very exciting. Among them, it was the most exciting event that we visited Smithsonian museums. Before visiting them, I watched “Night Museum 2”, and I wanted to visit Smithsonian museums which were the settings of “Night Museum 2”. In National Air and Space museum, there are many full sized fighter aircraft, a model of monkey which had been to the cosmos, small dolls of Einstein, and so on. I watched all of them in the movie. I couldn’t visit all of Smithsonian museum. So if I go to Washington D.C. again, I want to visit Smithsonian museum which I couldn’t visit this time.

And when we walked many streets in America, I saw persons who played Pokemon Go. I think the Pokemon Go boom has been existed in America. After coming back to Japan, I realized that the number of people who play Pokemon Go is decreasing because many my friends ended it and I could see a few persons who play it on the streets in Japan.

I’m looking forward to seeing PAs, TAs and the other people who helped me im next training.

I want to continue to learn about America history, culture, politics and English. And I want to make use of this experience to my life.

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