Journal Entry 5

Before I went to the US for this program, I had two big assumptions about the US. Thus, I will talk about how my impression of the US changed this time.


First, I thought food was not so good as regards taste or health. The reason why I thought like that is I had a bad memory about American foods. When I was a little child, I lived in San Jose and ate American foods almost every day. It was very hard for me to continue to eat them every day because they were quite greasy and didn’t have much taste, and I missed Japanese foods like sushi and Chinese food like noodles so I often asked my mother to take me to Japanese or Chinese restaurant. Therefore, I had an unfavorable impression on American foods. I found, however, that impression was totally wrong. During the program, I ate various kinds of American foods, and almost all of them were great, especially “Dog Street Burger” it was so nice, I liked it very much so I want to eat again. It is true that American foods are greasier and heavier than Japanese foods, “Washoku”, but they were much more delicious than expected.


Second, I will talk about personality. Generally, it seems that in Japan, people usually care about other people and are kind to them, such as a mind of “Omotenashi”. On the other hand, many people in the US are thought to be individualists so it could say less kind to other people than Japanese if this stereotype was correct. However, this assumption was also totally wrong. On the contrary, I felt American people were so kind during staying. For example, almost all cars yielded us, every time we tried to cross the roads. While in Japan, we can’t see the scene like this. Japanese drivers are always in a big hurry, and they strive to be first to go the way, so they won’t always give way to pedestrians. My mother also knows this fact, she often says “Japanese drivers are narrow-minded”, and I think so, too.  Moreover, many PA, CI and so on helped us sincerely, not only in the lectures and the time when we prepared the FG work, but also free time. Such as they checked our journals and taught correct grammar until late at night. Therefore, I think there are many Americans who are so kind and broad-minded.


From the above, I could find that there were many facts in the US which I didn’t know and misunderstand till I actually went to the US, so it was precious experience for me to have been able to participate in this program. It can say not only about the US, but also about all countries. Therefore, through this program, I learned that I should broaden my outlook and think outside the box, not cling to various stereotypes. It is the most important thing when we think about the characteristics of things like this, I think.



We have written four journals so far, and this journal is last one. Therefore, I feel something sad. Thank you for reading.

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