The days of the cross cultural collaboration program were greatest days of my life and I will never forget these days. Through this program, I visited a lot of place and had various experience.  I learned a lot of things because this seminar was my first time for going abroad.  

First, I felt the difference of personality between American people and Japanese people. I felt that American people talks more than Japanese people. Every P.A I met talked a lot.  I was overwhelmed by their garrulity, and I didn’t have much scope for talking positively. I was busy of listening to and understanding their questions. I could only answer their questions. I wish I could ask more questions to American people, not only answering their questions. Not only P.A, but also other American people talked a lot. The people who I passed on the street often said “Hello” to me or opened the door for me. The clerks at all the stores which I visited were more friendly and talked more than Japanese clerks. I could enjoy shopping in a relaxed feeling. It was very nice and kind behavior, but it was very strange for me. In Japan, people rarely do that. So I considered American people as kind, frank, and friendly people. However, that can’t be said as a rule because there are many and different people in America.

 Second, I felt the difference of the campus between W&M and Keio. W&M’s campus area is much larger than Keio’s campus. It may be because of the number of the students. In addition to that, there are many squirrels, deer, and statues. Such animals don’t live in Keio’s campus, so seeing animals in the college was very exciting experience for me. Many statues in the campus are also interesting. In Keio’s campus, maybe there is only one statue. It’s the statue of Yukichi Fukuzawa, the founder of Keio University. However, in W&M university, there are a lot of statues. They are statues of graduates such as Thomas Jefferson or James Monroe. That’s very different with Japan. I felt that the role of W&M in the town is different with Keio. I felt W&M is the center of Williamsburg and very important presence to town. On the other hand, Keio is not so important for the city as W&M is in Williamsburg. There is no town which name comes from university or college in Japan.  

 American food was also very surprising to me. It’s simply too big. I often can’t finish all dishes. And I had too many of opportunity to have a hamburger and pizza. They were delicious but I a little got tired of them. Many Japanese food is very small and it has a lot of dishes. My diet was changed greatly during the program. The system of “tip” is also unique. Japan doesn’t have such a system. So It was very difficult and confusing to me.

The most impressive thing in this cross cultural program is visiting Washington D.C. because there is no city such as Washington D.C. in Japan. Washington D.C. specialize in politics and history. Economy and contemporary culture are the field of New York. The cityscape of Washington D.C. is very beautiful and it has sophisticated atmosphere. So I like Washington D.C. very much. I would like to visit Washington D.C. and Williamsburg again. Thankyou.


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