A lot of lectures in this programs make me understand the real structure of U.S. Lectures included religion and gender and American Indian cultures and consumer culture and race and the American Revolution. And all the professors are very kind persons. I asked many questions and they answered very kindly. This is good experience for me, because I could improve my discussion skill. My perception of US changed much. Before this program, I think US is just big country which has various races and didn’t consider their real characteristics. But in this program, I had a lot of chance to communicate with PA or CI. So I can know the culture of US through communicating with them. They like dancing. And they always dance whenever music begin. This is surprising for me. Because this is different from Japan. I learned many American pop music. I love Katy Perry. She makes very fantastic music! Her music is played everywhere in US such as shops and restaurants and car and hotel. She is very popular in US. Also they like talking about their relationships during eating. In Japan, talking about his or her relationships is not so popular. Because it is embarrassing. But in US it is very popular. I think it is cultural differences between US and Japan. Some restaurants, the weight of food decides the price. This is also different from Japan. In Japan each food has price. But in US each food doesn’t have price in some restaurants. Most exciting things in this program is the night walk. And the accident is also exciting for me. I went to National Mall and many memorials. These are very nice! The accident which we can’t go back to the hotel happened after the night walk. We were waited, lying on the grass. I looked at the beautiful sky filled with a lot of stars. This is good memory in Washington. Subway closed too early in US. Most hard tasks in this program is the presentation. My focus group presentation is strongly supported by my PA Sam. So all of my group members appreciate her. She worked hard. But we also worked hard. A kind librarian collected books related with our research topic festivals. We also appreciated her kind hospitality. Honami made very beautiful powerpoint. In presentation, we were asked many difficult questions and it is hard to hear and understand. And we were so nervous. But we cooperated with each other. Finally we can make a good presentation. In this program, I learned a lot of things. But there is just one thing I would still like to learn about US. I want to know CI and PA more. I know they are good person. So I want to be friends also ahead. More friendships were needed. But this is difficult, because all of them are very busy. I am sad. I think one of the good things in this program is the strong friendships among Keio students. They were connected before going to US. I loved this cross-cultural collaboration program!!


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