Final journal

    Before I visited America, I had an image of the U.S. is a country of freedom, and I heard that people in America act mildly and sometimes boldly.

    I thought it was true. During the program and my stay in America, I felt that everyone is generous to others. This is the most important perception for me about America. In a shop, clerks help their customers with courtesy. At an entrance pf buildings or rooms, someone always hold the door for the person who is follow. When I ask to someone else on the street, they tell answers to me even though my English is poor. In Japan, it is difficult to see these scene. Japanese people especially in Tokyo tend to indifferent to others. If someone is in trouble on the street, in a shop and at station, most of us ignore or pretend to not seen them. We seldom talk to others who are not known.

    At once, I was surprised to know that they sometimes acts so boldly. I had an amusing experience at the stadium. I wanted to get a cup of cola, but the soda fountain was not work. The time was too late to get some beverage, so I had to give up. When I was going back to my seat, a man spoke to me. He was not a staff of the stadium, but he switched on the machine and pour cola for me by himself! And later, he got his drink and switched off the power as if nothing had happened. I can’t believe, but I was happy.

    Other perception was the scale of buildings or land. They had so large scale that I was exhausted when I move to other places. Still other perception was the size of foods. Every thig was bigger than Japan. Thanks to the mount of foods in America, I had a food baby. I got these perception with my own body only after I spend time in America.

    As I enjoyed foods in America and done the focus group study, I come to find that most foods in America are familiar in Japan. On the other hand, Japanese foods are not familiar in America. I wasn’t look for the reason of this difference because in our focus group, we picked up and focused on the fast food chain. So if I had had more time in America, I would like to learn about or researched the food culture in America.

    As the cultural observation, I have two things. As I wrote in the past journal, I keenly felt the gap between White people and Black people. I was able to understand the difference between their chance to get a better job or to get a better life. I am sad to say that the difference is one of a culture in America, but it is true.

    Another observation is a political one. When I walked around gift shops, most of them had the goods of election of president. I can’t imagine the same thing in Japan. This says nation in America emphasize on their government. This culture is differ from Japan.

    I had many experience through this program and I learned a lot of things in the lectures or in the museums. However, the most important thing is to communicate others, to speak to others and to chat with person in America. By doing so, I can know about the daily life in America. Text books or tour guide book won’t tell me these information. That is the most important thing I learned in this program.

    At the end of my journal, I would like to thank everyone who helped and pleased me in this program. I’m much obliged to you. I promise you to I’m proud of and utilize this precious experience in my hereafter life.

Hope see you again someday……

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