Journal 5

About two weeks have passed since we returned to Japan. I had never been to United States, so I can find many things. Especially, the thing left an impression during this program is shops which closed 19:00. I think that this shows the liberty in the United States. On the other hand, we can use convenience stores even at midnight in Japan. This is good and bad point in Japan. Of course, we can buy something we want whenever we want. However, there are some people who have to work at midnight. When do they sleep? In Japan, many people take more care of others than of themselves. I think that this is the problems in Japan. This must lead to the overwork and depression. Japanese people should follow American people in this point.

After I returned to Japan, my perception of both United States and Japan has be changed. Firstly, I would like to write about Japan. Before I went to United States, I don’t know other countries than Japan, so I thought Japanese quality was natural and proper. In my opinion, Japan was small country and many people in the world were not interested in Japanese culture and lives in Japan. However, as I could find that Japan is convenience and comfortable country in the world, I got to like Japan more. So, what should I do in order to make Japan better and more famous country? First, we should not only learn English but also have a lot of opportunities to speak English. Japanese know a lot of grammar and words of English. However, we don’t have confidence in talking with foreigners. So, Japanese education should be added to the programs to give confidence. When many Japanese are able to tell people in the world Japanese good points, they should pay attention to Japan. This must lead to improvement of our country. Second, we should love Japan more. If we respect our country, we must do something in order to make Japan good. Many Japanese don’t have much confidence in themselves, which will lead to little confidence in their country. In order to have confidence, we have to love and respect ourselves. So, I think that “confidence” is one of the keywords to solve problems in Japan.

Secondly, I would like to write about United States. Before I joined in this programs, I thought United States was very free country. In fact, United States is freer than I thought. For example, each people has each thoughts. In Japan, when they are asked opinion, many people want to follow others and don’t have their own opinions. However, I saw PAs argue about social problems in United States intensely or heatedly. I was surprised at this. American people are generous to other people. It is said that Japanese are accept more than American. I used to think so, too. However, in my opinion, American people will tolerate more disagreement than Japanese.

I can find cultural differences between Unites States and Japan during this program. After this program, I want to understand these two countries more deeply. And, I cannot thank everyone involved with this program such as PA and CI enough.

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