Journal 5

I didn’t have the image of America so much, so I think I don’t have the preconception to America so much.

The strongest thing I thought about America is that America consists of many different cultures. For example, each PA and SA are derived from many different countries and this is a normal thing in America. I was surprised because the parents of many Japanese are also from Japan and not so much bloods are mixed, so that is not normal thing for me. I wonder it is hard for different people to live together and tend to cause friction.


The most important things I learned was that the situation surrounding Japan may change rapidly and we have to read the sign of the change in order to live well. When I visited the Japanese Embassy in Washington D.C. and talked to bureaucrats, they told that the world is globalized rapidly and they don’t know how the situation of Japan would change. I agree this strongly. Japan is an advanced country but has many problems. Young people is decreasing in Japan and the economic scale is smaller than China now. The future of Japan isn’t bright so we must prepare for the future well enough to live everywhere. After I visited the embassy, I thought I would like to improve my English skill in order to escape from Japan and live everywhere. On the other hand, I shouldn’t desert Japan and should think the solution about the problems of Japan.


I would still like to learn about races. I saw the movie focusing African-American history in America before I visited America and understand how the segregation is a deep-rooted problems. I’m also interested in the fact that the population of African-American is increasing and will catch up with the population of White people. I would like to observe how the fact has influence on America.

Also, I would like to learn about religion. I heard that now a days Buddhism and zen is spread in some American in my Chinese class at Keio University and I had interested in this fact before I visited America. I think that Religious studies are one of the most interesting studies because religion implicitly represents essential of people. I also surprised at Baptist church derived from African-American. The Baptist church was widely differed from the church derived from White people in spite the fact that both of the church believe in the same religion. Also, it came as a shock to learn that the number of the Catholics because I graduated Catholic school and familiar with Catholic. I would like to increase the Catholics even if the doctrine is out of date.


I noticed that many American are more cheerful and friendly than Japanese. For example, a convenience store staff talked to me that where I am from. I think this is American culture. I am very shy so I couldn’t get used to it. Also every American said to me, “You are welcome.” after I appreciate them. It is also American culture because we Japanese don’t react to others when they express appreciate.


This short program experience was a valuable experience for me. I would like to make good use of this experience and have an interest to America better than before the program.

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