Journal 5

In this journal, I will write about my thought during the program.  Mainly, I have two topics.

Firstly, I was moved by how people in America encourage their friends’  idea.  Although it was only a two-week program, I had never seen that any PAs or CIs denied the students’ opinions. Rather, they always gave us positive comments such as “Perfect”, “Cool” and “Good”, which made me taking it easy. As I was surprised at the fact that they didn’t say any negative words toward the class, I talked about it with Julia. She taught me that idea was called Idealistic. She also said that it is sometimes good, but can be bad. Even so, I like the concept a lot. I would like to tell my future dream career path to friends of mine in America. I guess this attitude can explain why a lot of important inventions or discoveries are made in the Unites States.

I have a dream I want to pursue in my entire life. That is, being a physician and, after retiring it, building a new type of school, which is weird for someone studying in the faculty of Policy Management at Keio university. So most people in Japan give me some negative comments toward my plan. That is why I honestly do not want to talk about my future career path to the Japanese people. In contrast to this, I should have had a conversation about future with more PAs or CIs. That is because the American people tend to have more challenging dream, which makes me keep motivated. In addition, maybe because their dream also is hard to come true, they wish my dream come true. The difference between the people in the United States and Japan was huge for me. 

Secondly, I recognise I should rely more on my own experience rather than other people’s idea. For example, many friends of mine told me that the food in America was not so good when I said to them I would go there for 2 weeks. So I was worried about meals there. What if I could not eat any… However, the worries was just a waste of time. I loved all the food I ate in America from the junky hamburger at the baseball stadium in Richmond to Mexican food in New Port. From this background, I learned that my impression of something was made by my own feeling. That is why I should depend more on my senses.

From what I saw, more people in America follow their favourites. For instance, I saw a lady who was around 40s putting on new T-shrit which I thought for the teens at the mall in Williamsburg. I like this atmosphere there. In comparison, the Japanese people,especially the young women, pay much attention to the trend or how they were seen rather than their likes. So if you go to Shibuya cross walk, where is famous shopping spot in Tokyo, you can see a lot of young ladies look alike. I hate it. I want to be more original. So I like American way of perception.

At last, I enjoyed this program so much and learned many things from it. I can never forget this summer. The lectures and dialogue classes, focus group work, the historical sight walking in D.C., the museums and the whole culture… It will definitely be one of some most memorable memory in my college life. As I said above, I like American style more. I start to consider continue studying in America. I’m grateful to my mom, the staffs and everyone else for having such experience.

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