journal 5

I will write about our presentation, lectures, and life in America.

First, about the presentation. I think we had a good job. We changed something in our presentation, compared to the first presentation we had in japan, so our rate of progression was slow at the start. Especially I was the slowest one in my group, I was afraid of failing in the presentation. It was a bit regrettable that we couldn’t leave enough time to practice how we present, like memorizing our script and trying to put a lot of emotion into reading, but we finally finished our work on time, and didn’t make any big failure in the presentation (at least I think). I remember it even now that I was so nervous in the presentation and really relieved after it. Through the preparation of the presentation, I find some differences of thought and the way of working in a group between Japanese and American. The clearest difference is about positiveness. Though it is almost a common sense, American is much positive than Japanese, and don’t hesitate to show own feeling. They also more regard references as important than Japanese do. I think it may because they were trained to show their bases to be persuasive when they offer their own opinion. It is said that western people are more logical than Asian people, and I think this is an aspect of this difference.

Second, about the lectures. Through the lectures, I learned a lot about America. I learned about American culture, history, politics, etc. Though I can’t have understood everything in the lectures, it was a great experience for me to have a lecture in American university. It was the first time for me to have a lecture in American style, made by American professor, all in English. I want to study abroad in the future, so it was good for me to rehearse what it will be like. It was difficult, of course, but also very interesting. It was also new to me to have a discussion after a lecture. I don’t know if it is common in America, but I think it was good system. It helped me understand lectures more deeply. I want Japan innovate such a system.

Third, about American life. In daily life, the most impressive difference to Japan was foods. It was completely different both in contents and quantity. But It was basically (to be honest, there was a meal I really didn’t like the taste, but only once) very good. Though I had some times to yearn for Japanese food when I was in America, now I get to sometime yearn for foods I had in America. Except for foods, I felt there was not any big differences or problem in daily life. It thanks to help of PAs and CIs, of course, but on other hand, I think people’s life may be homogenized somewhat because of globalization, at least between developed countries.

Through over all the program, I learned many things, and it was different to study about America in America than in Japan. The proverb in Japan says, even one hundred times hearing isn’t worth than a visit (in English, maybe seeing is believing). It is important to study something by real experience, and this program was precious chance to learn about American people, culture, life, etc. I find a lot of differences to Japan like in people’s characteristic, food, shop, and so on. But there also had a lot of similarities, like in daily life, playing, kindness of people. It’s important to learn about differences, but I think it’s also interesting to know about what will not change (even in a different continent).

Even though it was very short time, it was really valuable experience for me. I’d like to say a word of thanks to all those people whose care I have been in in this program

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