Journal 5

I enjoyed this W&M summer program and gained so much knowledge about American history, culture and college of W&M.

First, I want to write about my story. I went to Florida in America with my family when I was 9 in summer. Even as a child, I could feel the difference of country’s style between America and Japan. I never thought that Japanese is shy, but I felt it in that trip. I joined a baseball camp. Fortunately, the camp joined some Japanese kids, so I didn’t make effort on language. Thus, I think my English skill didn’t improve and my characteristic didn’t change at all. Consequently, I liked America just because of roller coaster. 

I went to Los Angeles last summer. In this trip, I joined a baseball camp that my mother signed up for me. I noticed that I want to learn to initiate a conversation. We need to learn about not waiting for other people to act first. In addition, I got the nerves. These changing influenced my characteristic. Furthermore, I liked American style such as hamburger and food in big size. Furthermore, characteristic of a lot of American people, not paying much attention to tiny things and focus more on the big picture, fitted me. Around this time (LA trip), I like America because of American characteristics.

I tried to talk to PA in College of W&M. And I could communicate with PA. Therefore, I got information about the program and American culture. Thanks to my LA experience.

One of the PAs told me about the difference between universities in the countryside and those in the city. In a city, universities don’t have much space. University can’t build a large campus in city. Therefore, university in a city has buildings likes office buildings. By contrast, in countryside, university has bigger space in order to build a larger campus. Thus, university in countryside can have more dorms, some big classrooms, and even possibly a church. But I think it is different in Japan. In most cases, Japanese university has a few buildings in country side and they are not small. However, Japanese universities in cities also have many buildings, such as Keio University and Meiji University. In consequence, Japanese university’s size doesn’t concern space. I think this difference is caused by money. Japanese private schools, being wealthier, are normally bigger than Japanese public schools. Accordingly, Japanese universities are affected by the economy, while American universities are affected by the physiographic factor.

When I was 13, I participated in a summer camp by myself in Philadelphia. Being along, I had to do everything by myself and initiate conversation with other members in order to make friend with them. This is the most important experience in my life. It influenced me a lot and shaped a huge part of my characteristic.

So I had experienced going to the US. Thereby, I am not scared by communication, but the purpose of this summer program is mainly study. We have to take lectures. I thought I couldn’t understand some of them, which worried me a lot even before I went to College of W&M. On the contrary, in fact, I could understand the lectures, because I had a Dialogue Class. It taught me about lectures for me to understand more easily. Dialogue Class and Focus Group helped me in this program. Because this program’s system was detailedly planned. Moreover, I could directly experience American culture, when I had free time. If I always studied inside the classroom, I could not get in contact with other people except for PAs and CIs. This program made me gain a lot of knowledge about American culture and interaction with American people in only 2 weeks. I’m glad I joined this program. And on this occasion, I want to study English harder. Then I want to work in America in the future.


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