Journal 5

  Now, I’m back in Japan. I really miss the days at William and Mary, and I wish I could be back in the US.
  The life in Tokyo is different from the life in the US in several ways. I don’t be confused about the language, and I don’t have to pay attention to everything so much. However, also it is a little bit boring for me. I want to challenge to a lot of things more and more. The life in Japan is less stimulating for me.
   I should appreciate the chance that I could have studied abroad during the summer. This chance changed me in 3 big points.
   First, it made me take a look at my own country again. When we live in our own country, we don’ t have a chance to know how Japan looks from foreign countries. Trying to know American culture also means to know Japanese culture more deeply.
   Second, it made myself more positive. My feeling that I don’t want to waste this chance changed my attitude for studying.
   And last, it made me highly motivated for starting new things. Before I took part in this program, I was forgetting to try new things every moment, which I had done since I was at high school. However, I met a lot of my friends at William and Mary, and they stimulated me in several ways.
   By the way, in these days, there are many people who study abroad. Why? What is the true meaning of studying abroad? In my personal view, I think the answer is to know myself. When you study abroad, you can get the new view points. You can get the new knowledge. These things help us to know who we are. I don’t like studying so much, but if it expand the possibilities in my future, I want study more. To know myself is the most important learning from studying.
  In my future, I really want to take part in urban planning, and I am preparing for it at Keio now. My professor said before, “The most important thing in urban planning is not to make the spaces. It is to think about people.” I was very impressed by this word, and by participating this program, I found the common point between urban planning and studying abroad which is “to know a person.” Therefore, I have to keep trying to know other people, and also myself. I am not sure about if I can, but if I could have a chance I want to study abroad for a semester someday.
  At the end of the journal, I want to thank all of the members in this program. I want to say thank you to lot of PAs, especially Jonah who was a PA of orange group, Sam who was a PA of my focus group, and Devon who was my roommate. Also, I appreciate Barry who was my group’s CI and always checked my journals. I promise not to waste this chance, and forget the enjoyable and fantastic days at the college of William and Mary!!

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