I’m so glad to join this cross-culture collaboration. I was so blessed with good Keio friends, William & Mary PAs, CIs. Thanks everybody! I spent wonderful time with you!

Before this program, I had a lot of anxieties. I was not sure I can communicate in English. However, I wanted to change my character. I was a kind of shy parson. I was afraid of taking mistake. Throughout this program, I think I could change my shy character. Especially, when I talk in final focus group presentation, I felt I could change myself. I don’t know the reason why I could do such a presentation, but I think I had a strong mind. If I was alone I couldn’t change. I have the best Focus group friend: they are dependable and clever, and dialog class friends: they are very smart, good at English and aggressive, so they inspire me. Thanks to them, I had a strong mind and I could change myself. I learned how important such great friends is.

During I was in America. I made many many memories. I feel these days are very fast, but they make me satisfactory.

I study a lot of things in America, not only academic but also life style in America. We went many place for example, Richmond we saw an excited baseball game, we walked around William &Mary to eat lunch. In America, it is very different from in Japan to order something to eat or drink. Field work is very impressive for me. We went to colonial Williamsburg, and we learned, old American culture such as food and buildings.

In Washington, we went to some museum. Our dialog class went to National Air Space museum and Native American museum. In National Air space museum, I was so excited, because I like airplane and universe. In terms of space and airplane industry, Japanese study is not so developed, so there are a few museums about it in Japan. Moreover, these museums are small. I was not satisfied. On the other hands, in America, these study are developed. National Air Space museum is very big museum. It has so many airplane model and dates. I strongly felt differences between America and Japan. In Native American museum, I learned that what the native American thought and how they lived. Japan also has indigenous people, their name is Ainu. They live in Hokkaido, in addition, they lived in Tohoku about 1500 years ago. Japanese people rarely have chance to know about Ainu. Therefore, I don’t know what is Ainu. where were they come from. On the other hands, America has great museum to know about indigenous people. This is also different from Japan.

I think English value is not only for academic but also for my usual life. Actually, I enjoyed the days in America in English including eating and talking to local people. In Japan, the chance we talk in English may decrease. So I’ll try to speak English even if I’m in Japan. And if I have chance to go abroad like this program, I will apply and improve my English skills.

Thank you so much! I’ll see you again as soon as possible!

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