I could spend so good time in Williamsburg and Washington DC so I like Williamsburg and I would like to live there. Also I love American culture, lands, people and weather. I came to America before for instance Chicago, Atlanta, Hawaii and Williamsburg. All of these cities were fantastic and I could spend great time in those cities but my favorite town is Williamsburg and the days spent with all of you. I could improve some skills for example English skill, skill of making presentation and considering the thing by some ways. I think the most important thing, which I learned from this program, was the way of thinking. While the discussion group and focus group, we have to consider about the difference between Japan and America. I could enjoy thinking about that and also I could improve myself. After this program I can think hard and seriously about 1 thing. This change might bring some good result on job interview or something to me.


My ideas about America haven’t changed between before the program and after because I didn’t have bad thought about America. On the other hand both of my thoughts about America before and after the program were changed a little from good to very good because I thought the college students in America always be drunk and using marihuana so my image of American student is sluggard and not smart. However students who worked with us were so friendly and all of them were honest and smart. It was so surprising thing for me and I think that Japanese students should be good students, like them, because some Japanese students are not smart and usually they don’t work hard. It made my ideas of America better than before this program. Then why there are so deep differences between Japan and America. I think the reason of those differences depend on the system of university. Japanese university has so many students and usually one professor has so many students in his class. On the other hand I heard that most American universities don’t have so many students and usually the amount of students in 1 class is not so big. In my opinion this differences make students’ motivation so American students are more harder worker than Japanese students without student of this program.


The biggest difference, which I felt while I was in America, is the way of expression. American used to use body language and they are good at express themselves. On the other hand Japanese usually hide their feelings and not good at giving expression. I think that the reason of this difference is made by the education policy. In elementally school Japanese students are trained to be good people, like machine. On the other hand American students are educated to be good and smart students. The difference of education policy made difference in class. Japanese class has so many students but American class has not so many students. I think the almost of difference between Japan and America is made by educational difference. Education is one of the most important policies in the country. If we talk about the difference between Japan and America, all of the differences are connected to educational difference.


I could spend so good time in America. I appreciate to all of the staffs, who worked with us. I can assure you that I will be student of William and Mary in the future. I’m looking forward to meet you again. Thank you so much.

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