During my stay in the U.S., I felt keenly that the U.S. has really vast grounds. And that fact makes many difference between the U.S. and Japan. For example, I thought that moving is not so frequent in Japan because Japan don’t have these large ground. Therefore people don’t move many times in their life from north to south compared to people who live in the U.S. I also found that Japan’s topography is oblong vertically relatively, on the other hand the U.S. is oblong horizontally. Because of it, people in the U.S. often moves between west and east. It was totally new sense to me that moving between east and west because among driving in the U.S. scenery and temperature seems merely change especially Midland. Japan’s scenery and temperature is different from Aomori prefecture to Yamagata prefecture. Also I thought Japan has no notion of Midland. I think except Hokkaido, we can go near seaside at longest two hours in Japan. Also, I thought there are many flourish cities in the U.S. like NY, Washington D.C., and LA, etc. Each city seems to have their own color. Japan has also many cities, but Tokyo is outstanding. For, Tokyo is center of politics and business, and also frontier of entertainment like fashion, TV, etc. Moreover, I found that there are also a lot of country side in the U.S. And I felt that atmosphere between urban and rural is totally different when I visited Williamsburg and Washington D.C. And I thought the life and mind who lives there would be totally different by the land, too.

I also surprised that the U.S. has diverse interpretation in Protestant. The religion in the U.S. is conveyed by the Puritans who believes Protestant. And Protestant originally appears from resistance against Catholic. Protestant made diverse interpretation against Bible possible. I thought the reason that the U.S. has diverse interpretation in Protestant is because the U.S. is not the place which are influenced by the power of King and history. Also, from the lecture of the religion, I learned religion has close relation with politics. For example, recently people who believes Evangelilicalism, Mainline, and Catholic are getting less. On the other hand, Unaffiliated and Non Cristian like who believes Muslim are getting large. And this makes phenomenon of Islamophobia. Then, in next presidential election, Trump supports people who against Muslim. From these facts, I found the U.S. accept many diversities, but the degree of this acceptance is different each in terms of law, attitude, etc. And I learned that there are the feeling of fear against the people who is different in appearance, religion, etc. Actually because I was taking lectures of the relation between Protestant and American literature in Japan, this lecture was impressive and made my understanding about the relation between Protestant and the U.S. deepen. I thought I  want to know about the relation among religion, races, and the U.S. more.
I learned much more things and had so much fun besides the things I wrote above. In this program, I found many differences between Japan and the U.S. And I studied about Virginia from lectures, dialogue classes, and field trips. Moreover I improved writing skills from this Journals, and improved speaking skills from dialogue class and presentation. I think I could achieve my purposes. Thanks to all kind, generous, and fun PAs, CIs, and members of this program. I’m really glad to be a member of this program this summer. I spent really precious time with wonderful peoples in awesome place for that two weeks! Again, thank you very much!

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