My first impression of America is that everybody talks a lot. When I first met the teachers, PAs, and CIs I wondered why they could talk for such a long time. And I soon found out that talking a lot is necessary in classes after attending the framework lecture and dialog class. I thought in America we are expected to express our thinking so that we can show that we are participating the class actively.

Another impression is everything is so big. I knew that all the foods were big because the students who participated in this program last year told us, but it was much bigger than I expected. Also the campus was so big and I was surprised. It is also surprising that everyone doesn’t get lost even though the campus is big.

During this two weeks, I want to achieve higher English skills. Even though I used to live in America, it was a long time ago and I feel my English skills are getting worse. I do have English classes in Japan, but there are only two classes every week. So I thought this two weeks was a great chance to have communications with the students from William and Mary and improve my English skills. Also I want to get used to the American style of class. After attending the framework lecture and dialog class I realized that it is very important to express my thoughts. However, most of the classes in Japan do not require us to talk during classes so it is a little hard to get used to this kind of style’s class. But all the teachers and CIs are very nice and they say that they do not expect us to give such a wonderful idea or question so it made me feel more relaxed and easier to express my opinion. Through this two week I hope I could get used to express my thoughts and achieve higher English skills.

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