・Your first impression and what you hope to achieve during the program

First impression of America is so broad streets ,open sky and there are a variety of people.

The temperature is cooler than Japan’s one,but outside is so bright that I can’t keep my eyes open.

And American teacher and students are so friendly and they don’t stop talking. I was surprised that even when all Japanese students  sleeping and becoming quiet, W&M students and teacher kept on talking, they kept on talking 3 hours !!

I was surprised that they were talking so long time and loughing laudly. They seems to be so fun.

What I hope to achieve is to talk possibly to the people

I’ll be more knowledgeable about America, and become adept at self-expression.

・response to Framework lectures on August4&5

I interested in Religious Diversity. I surprised to hear that not all the American is Christian and people with no religious faith don’t celebrate Christmas.

But come to think of it, it is natural for people with no faith don’t celebrate Christmas.

I again realized Japanese event culture is unusual.

・response to the campus and Colonial Williamsburg

The building so beautiful made of brick.

There are a lot of tourist in the campus and Colonial Williamsburg

I hear that williamsburg was founded in 1632.  It has a very long history.  And people visiting there can see historical buildings and people.

Though, it seems that they will show it’s history, detailed information about race problem isn’t explained.

And most of people who live there is immigration.

That’s why I think Colonial Williamsburg is Un-American city.

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