This is my second visit for U.S. and I thought I had understood that U.S. is much bigger than Japan. When I get out of airport to wait the bus which takes us to college of William and Mary, I was really surprised at the size of road in front of Dulles airport. I thought I should learn more and realize the difference between U.S. and Japan precisely. This is the one of my missions in this program. There are two other missions I have in this program. First is to improve my output skills in English. I am bad at speaking and writing. So, I will improve these skills through this program especially, Dialogue class and Journal. Second is to make the work of Focus Group much better in terms of academic. I will do my best to accomplish my three missions.

The lecture on august 4 is easy to understand and I think it is important for me. Kristina showed us diversity in U.S. and I am interested in religious diversity and generational diversity. I thought all American believe some religion and God, but I got to know 18% of American is not believe any religion. Generally speaking, Japan is relatively un-religious country. However, most of Japanese spend their time on some religious events such as Christmas, Hatsumoude, and Bon festival. Thus I think Japan is much more religious country than U.S. Moreover, I thought the society of U.S. have no generational diversity. This is because I have heard a company in U.S. has “merit system” and the atmosphere of up or out. Old people do not compete with young powerful people especially in terms of speed and technological skills. So, I was surprised at that point. And then, I had tended to analyze something by simple binary, but I realized the importance of a spectrum analyzing.

The lecture on august 5 is really difficult to think about its thesis. I do not realize the difference of Williamsburg and Japanese historical cities, Kyoto and Nara and I do not get the Americanness of Williamsburg.

The campus and Colonial Williamsburg is too vast to walk. I am exhausted every day.

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