Journals 1

First day, I’m surprised at Target. It is because there is so quiet. in Japan they play music so loudly in the floors. They think music makes people feel more fun for shopping, and the feelings will connect consumption. And music in the kind of departments can be a sign to employees. For example, when it is raining, they play specific music that tells them it is raining. So they start buying umbrellas.

I have been NY and Hawaii, now I realize that NY, Hawaii and Williamsburg are so different. NY is a very busy city like Tokyo,in Japan. Meanwhile Hawaii is full of many Japanese tourists.

There are not many people in Williamsburg, so I think people in shops and restaurants tend to talk to us friendly. And in the campus, people are curious about us, so they asked us “Did you come to study in summer vacation?”.

These conversations were so fresh to me, and are good things in Williamsburg. Of course people in shops and restaurants, these good services are sometimes  for chips. The  framework on August 4, we talked about chip system in America. In Japan, there is no chip system. So,first time I’m so surprised at this. But, I heard that they working like coffee shops can earn about 7-9 dollars  in hour. So, we need to pay chips to them.

I think the chip system are so natural to local people, but  Japanese people don’t think that it is good to pay for services in Japan.

And I hope to achieve the languege skills and to find differences between Japan and America. I think there is no good things and bad things in those differences. It is just different. In the focus group, I’m interested in the differences of animations. And  I’m majoring arts and museums, so I want to visit many museums in Williamsburg and Washington d.c.


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