Jounal 1

What I hope attain this program are improving my 4 skills in English practically, understanding what American universities and students look like, learning what the comparative science is, and interviewing American people about Trump administration in both Washington and Arizona, if possible realistically. Personally, I am so interested in education and politics so I would like to learn them much more than the others. However, have to keep in mind that leaning my favorite subjects is not well- balanced so I will listen to other field specialists willingly and ask them my questions in order to broaden my perspectives. My first impression was that PAs and CIs were so intelligent as well as sociable. They study their fields very hard. I was so astonished at hearing of that everyone totally has different academic backgrounds and they are familiar with Japanese culture. I realized that I have to learn about many things from these students as well.

Regarding framework lectures, I think each content of all of lectures is so interesting. They prepare for many perspectives raging from, music, history, economics, politics to sociology in terms of studying comparative culture between America and Japan. In my view, America has been struggling with both integrating and diversifying historically. I feel that my point is so common to many American controversial issues. When I listened to the lecture about the social geography of colonial Williamsburg, I found it so complex. When I return to Japan, I will have to read relative books and understand complicated factors based on today’ knowledge in terms of comparing and constructing completely.

As for the campus and colonial Williamsburg, I felt that they are so worth studying. Actually, I studied American history very hard when I was in high school, but I have been curious about American historical places and leaders. I have a social studies teacher license so I can teach students in persuasive ways after I watched historical and valuable legacies. Although I regarded my university as a kind of oldest universities, I was so surprised to see that these buildings here were constructed in around 1700. In particular, when I visited several graves, I felt that each grave had so long history with sad or brave stories. I was so moved to look at them with nice explanation by Ari.

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