Journal 1

I have never been to America, so everything in America was fresh and stimulated for me. All the places such as campus and road were wide and open. In the city, it was beautiful without graffiti and garbage, and it was bright until late at night and forgot to pass the time.

The words the students and the teacher spoke were a little fast and it was hard to hear. But, everyone was kind, so if I couldn’t catch their word and heard it back, they explained it with easy-to-understanding words. I was surprised to talk with someone who met for the first time such as a person who passed by and clerks. In the scavenger recreation, a person who passed by advised me about places asked with quizzes.

In the framework lecture on August 4, the teacher talked about understanding the study of the US at first. I was impressed by the question of why I study abroad and the desire to participate in this program has changed greatly. I realized that it is important to have personal opinions and experience by sharpening my own five senses. By doing so, I can get out of the stereotypes producing by the information gained from the media and people’s story until now, and I can know the reality.

The main topic on this lecture is about diversity. Understanding diversity and differences within the US is more important. The US is the big country, so it has a regional diversity. Indeed, Williamsburg has more nature and less high buildings than I thought, not busy city.

I was most interested in the diversity of religion. I thought almost of the American people were Christians, but the teacher said 80% of the people has not religion. In Japan, most people have not religion, so holidays and customs are not religious, such as Christmas and going to shrine. I wonder how about American religious holidays. I think that most events have strong religious connection such as Easter, but everyone shares tradition. To protect religious diversity, they should not impose their own religion to other people. They need to be given the opportunity to select religion equally among all people.

In the framework on August 5, the lecture is about the colonial Williamsburg through its history. I realized the movement of people including African was intense. Williamsburg has both American and un-American. It was ignoring crucial aspects of the pass, because this ignorance has most obviously to do with race and class. Discrimination against Africans is a historically important task for America. What should we do to eliminate discrimination?Race diversity has become commonplace now, so its mixing American and un-American and keeping this situation is necessary.

PA was very friendly and funny to speak with, so I was relaxed. While studying abroad, I will try to speak and question positively so that I can talk with local students and realize the history and culture of the US.

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