journal 1

When I arrived at William and Mary collage, I felt many things.

First, I found that my English is not good enough to talk with local student. If conversation is just a paper test, I can get good point. In reality, we need speed and timing to communicate with people. So, I could not speak to them whether I have something to talk about. I was so sad because I can understand what they say but I don’t know how to express my feeling in English.

Second, I was surprised the scale of collage. I think W&M is ten times larger than Mita (keio) campus. I was so tired to walk around the collage, but I relaxed at beautiful green and city of Williamsburg. I hope if Mita campus was on suburban like here. College on urban is convenient but there are too noisy and too many people. On the other hand, collage in suburban is quiet and many squirrels. I am lucky to come here for two weeks.

Third, I was glad because W&M students were very kind to us. When I knew my roommate was local student, I felt uneasiness. However, after few days, I started to think that is a good thing. I have never been abroad and never lived with foreigner. This is a precious experience! And, she is very kind and speaks to me friendly. She is also PA of my focus group. So, she tells me what to do in presentation and lecture. I was helped by her many times.

From these impressions, I decided my goal during the program. I want to be good at talking with American without help of anyone. This goal is difficult for me. To achieve the goal, I have to try to conversation and fail them over and over. I believe if I overcome them, I can speak better English.

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