Journal 1

 My first impressions about this program were a little anxiety and a big pleasure. I felt an uneasiness in arriving at William and Mary University because I am not good at listening to and speaking English and then I wonder if I can understand the contents of lectures and discuss in English.
I found more important thing by seeing PAs, CIs and the other members, however. It was that I have not to be perfect. William and Mary University members are all kind and bright. The opportunity to think about something, spend time and talk with such wonderful people is very precious. So I thought that I wanted to positively study here for two weeks instead of being afraid of mistaking grammar and expression. I’ll do my best!

 Next day I joined the lecture of this program for the first time. The theme of the program was introduction to cultural studies. In the lecture, Kristina Poznan, who was a teacher of the lecture, mentioned various diversity: Historical diversity, racial diversity, ethnic diversity and so on.

 I joined the dialogue class for the first time after the lecture. In the dialogue class, the member asked various questions about cultural studies. In the questions, I was interested in the difference between race and ethnicity. Ms. Kristina answered that races are the biological categories of human, big groups of skin colors. Also she answered that ethnicity is usually a small group specific to your countries. I didn’t deeply thought about race and ethnicity because I thought that Japan was an ethnically homogeneous nation. There are rational and ethnic problems in Japan, for example the problem of the ethnic Korean residents of Japan or Ainu people, however. So I felt that I have to deeply think about races and ethnicity by using the knowledge I got from the lecture and discussion.

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