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I want to share my thoughts about political issue in the US which is Kristina told in her lecture as a political and socio-economic diversity.
I think it’s one of the biggest and eternal problems about realty which is people who have the money can control the government. To take the example of the Watergate scandal which is marked as the scandalous political problem in America, Nixon gave a bribe to his worker in order to make them act to spy for rival party. Although, he was re-elected the president again, finally, investigation by CIA made him no choice but to resign. Before that happing, almost of all American citizens didn’t worry about their presidency and politics. However, because of that scandal, people in America began to feel uneasy about their politics and American society damaged deeply. We have to know it is important that citizens’ trust for government can be fall down whether the government did the wrong thing or not. Since United States has the democratic foundation, it is necessary to treat the citizens’ opinion to be as equal as possible. Therefore, we must not use money or right for politics. However, I think that is problem not only in US but also japan and the other countries, the news program in japan also argues about this problem as “politics and money issue” for long time, we cannot solve it easily. According to Kristina’s lecture, I started to consider this issue as even because of diversity. As there are a lot of kinds of people, it is impossible to unite one thing. Using money in politics’ situation is bad thing, on the other hand because we live in the diversity of the world, some people may say that using money is one of the good way to govern the country. I think that’s one of the idea caused by diversity.

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