Journal 1

I’m going to talk about my first impression and racial problem which was talked in today’s lecture and dialog class.  My first impression about The US is that everything is very big.  I was very surprised to see the bus which we rode.  I think that is longer and taller than Japanese one.  And the super market that we ate lunch on the first day is very big too.  I felt “America” that I image.  There are a lot of foods, a big grocery cart and some clothes.  I was very surprised and I thought that I want to buy something in this store.  After I arrived at  College of William & Mary, I was very moved because the buildings of William & Mary College are very beautiful and have great atmosphere.  I am very happy that I can study in these nice place for about 2 weeks.  In addition, I am thank for PA, CI and all of CCC program’s staffs.  I was very nervous before this trip because I have not been to overseas without my family.  However, they are very kind and they talk to us a lot of very interesting things.  So I can enjoy this program very much.

Next, I’ll talk about problem of African American.  I think this is one of the most difficult problem about The US.  I think America has a lot of race, so I don’t have any image of concrete “American”.  And I have a little strong image of African American about America, because the president of The US was Mr. Obama.  So I watched him on the news about The US.  On the other side, I think Japanese tend not to think about racial problem heavily.  So we don’t know what they think.  That is to say, I want to know what you think.

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