Journal 1

As the first impression of the program, I thought the system of the lecture is very helpful for Japanese students, because they do not get used to the American lectures. Most of cases, in Japanese lectures, only professors explain about the contents and students must understand the lecture and do not have chances to discuss it in the lecture at all. Therefore, Japanese students, especially who have not studied abroad, will be confused to take American lectures: not only professor but also students should tell their opinions or ask their questions. During the Dialogue Class, we can discuss the contents of the lecture, and gain the chance to reconsider our questions about the lecture. This system is very helpful and effective for me to study in the US.

There are mainly two goals that I want to achieve through this program. First, I want to improve my English skill, especially listening and speaking skill. Before deciding to participate this program, I feel difficulty in listening and understanding what English speakers say. Moreover, I am still struggling to speak English because I always care about the Grammar and proper pronunciation. So, I want to become a good English listener and to be able to speak without being worried about the perfect Grammar through this program. Second, I want to gain more wide vision. Actually, I have never visited abroad, and I have fear of my viewpoints about the other countries consist of prejudice or stereotypes. And my thoughts about various things may rely on only rely on Japanese natural things and my vision may be very narrow. To improve this problem, I have to take a lot of communication with students or professors of William and Mary and gain more wide vision or realize what they think about various things and their vision.

Trough the campus tour, I was very surprised of the many differences between Japanese (Keio) campus and William and Mary. What I get impression especially is the nature and history. Unlike Keio University, William and Mary have a lot of chances to see many animals like squares or horses and feel relax on the grass or near the pond. They are very comfortable for busy students and they give more chances to get communication with other people. Not only students but also some family of jogger visit this campus. Most of them are very friendly and we can easily talk to them. Moreover, this campus has many historical symbols like statues buildings. Our group learned about the history of this campus and talk about it with PA.

After the 1st and 2nd Framework lecture, I learned about the cultural study and the importance of location. At the 1st lecture, I realized that one of the important factors which defines the American culture is diversity, and there are many types of diversity. Especially, I have interest in Socio-economic diversity, because money controls politics although I heard that America was the democratic country. This problem comes from the differences of chances to gain a lot of information. In the 2nd lecture, Dr. Arthur explained about the importance of location and the style of buildings. For example, Williamsburg has unique development even after the civil war, because its location is comfortable for various aspects like protecting the area, gaining water, and so on. Moreover, in the dialogue class I found that American people tend to focus on the happy or positive side of history, while Japanese people tend to see the dark side or negative side of history.

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