Journal 1

Through this program, I would like to experience a lot of American culture and to feel some cultural difference between Japanese and American. This is a first time for me to go to foreign countries, so I am very excited.
We studied some kinds of American diversity. I am studying sociology at Keio university, so I am interested in socio-economic diversity in America. I think that some problems of income inequality and privilege in America are related to individual’s behavior, called “habitus”. We discussed about habitus in dialogue class. I learned the theory of habitus that explains reproduction of social status including income and culture. There are some differences of habitus between high class and low class. The rich people like high culture (I think the examples are tennis, jazz, and so on) but other people like other culture. I would like to analyze this system in my seminal.
Also I am interested in the history of segregation of people by race. There are some boundaries that separated where white people lived from where black people lived. I could walk the D.O.G. street through the tour in Colonial Williamsburg. There are both of old buildings and re-building new ones, and we watched an old style carriage. I think that it is so difficult to think about “unamerican-ness”, because there are many old buildings in williamsburg but it cannot be figured out that Williamsburg is obsessed with the past, without knowing the local people’s identity and life. However, I am very interested in this theme and I would like to know more about the local people’s identity.
I am very happy to win the scavenger hunt. Actually, Daniel helped us a lot. We had a lot of fun and spent a good time. I am looking forward to some activities in this program.

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