Journal 1

When I was arriving at W&M campus, I thought that this campus is what a big site. Comparison with Keio, there are a lot of nature and building, especially housing.  Firstly, I’m so nervous to speak with PA, but gradually I didn’t hesitate to speak with them through the dinner. In this summer program, I want to achieve two things. One is that I want to improve the skill of speaking English. In order to do that, I will take part in dialogue class and Focus group actively. Secondly, I’m going to learn a lot of American culture from a various of viewing. I want to listen to carefully other’s saying to come true the above things.

     In framework about the diversity, I learned a lot of things. This lecture takes a wide of ranges about diversity. The most of impressive things which Krisitina says is “we shouldn’t categorize the big unit, we should look at their communities even in the same country. This idea implies that we have stereotypes to look at other countries. For me, before coming to W&M, I thought that American is sloppy, but in fact, I noticed that this is one of the thing as stereotypes. In the afternoon, we took part in Scavenger hunt. I looked a lot of things. This event is one of my pleasure before coming to W&M. I like taking a photo, so the picture which I was taking a photo would look again in Japan, and I proud of them. Julia is so kind. Therefore, our relationship became good.

     In framework about the social Geography of Colonial Williamsburg, this lecture is so abstract for me. However, I can understand well at the dialogue class. One of the most interesting thing is contradiction in Williamsburg using the background of United States. Williamsburg was said that this town is Americanness and Un-Americanness. We looked around the city, I noticed that Williamsburg is one of the sightseeing place, while they show us this town was made thinking a good deal of old days. this is so remarkable about building, statue and so on

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