Journal 1

I have been to Hawaii twice, but I came to mainland of America for the first time this time. My first impression is that America is very very big all. For example, I was surprised by the size of road, the size of the truck, the size of the house site, the size of the supermarket and the size of a piece of pizza! Of course I was also surprised at the size of the William & Mary university campus. Everything I see is fresh so I’m very interested.

There are three things I hope to achieve during this program. First, I want to talk a lot with English. This program is good chance for me to use English. Because if I am in japan, I don’t have chance that I can speak with native speaker and listen English all days. Secondary, I want to express my opinion or question positively in the dialogue classes. I would like to be able to speak my opinion through this program because I do not say much about my opinion. Finally, I want to experience a lot of American culture. I can’t experience American culture in Japan. So I would like to experience American culture with American people.

I’m interested in Framework lectures. I know that America is diversity country. But I don’t know that a lot of diversity would be classified. I was particularly interested in racial diversity. Before doing this program, I examined Japanese immigration policy. According to statistics of the Cabinet Office, if Japan don’t accept immigrants from abroad and don’t anything like this, the Japanese population will be reduced to 43 million people in 100 years. But if Japan accept 200 thousand immigrants every year and recover Japan’s birthrate, Japan can keep it 100 million even after 100 years. I think that Japanese government should allow to accept immigrants. Because we can maintain competition with other countries regarding trade and so on. But if there are many race people in Japan, Japanese don’t know that how to make a good relationship with immigrants. So we should learn American racial diversity. But I don’t know how to learn racial diversity. At university almost no teach me racial diversity. So please tell me more about racial diversity. And please tell me whether Japan should accept immigration as seen from American and how to make a good relationship Japanese and immigrants if you think Japan should accept it.

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