journal 1 Taiga Koen

My first impression of the USA is friendly country. Until I visited the USA, I had the stereotype which racial discrimination is still left in the American south such as Virginia. That is because the American south approved the slavery until they lost the Civil war. However, many local people greet me with a smile and speak to me friendly on the street, even if we are not white people. At present, I wasn’t hurt by their discriminate attitude.
I have two things which I hope to achieve during the program. First, I would like to improve my English skills. I took an exam of IELTS last year, and my reading score was 7.0, listening and speaking score were 5.0. I am aware that listening and speaking skills are my weak points that need to be overcome. Thus, by joining this program, I would like to work on Focus Group Work actively to acquire abilities to think logically, and make intensive discussions in English. Also, the program at The College of William and Mary has more opportunities to discuss with the local students. Thus, in order to improve my weak points, I won’t hesitate to discuss in the program, even if I make some mistakes of English grammar. Second, I would like to broaden my knowledge and experiences. I’m very interested in visiting Washington D.C., the center of the world politics. Besides, in summer course of The College of William and Mary, we can attend some lectures on history, society, and culture between the USA and Japan. I will do my best to understand the lectures conducted in English. By the way, in August 4th’s lecture, Ms. Kristina spoke slowly and clearly, so I understood well what she wanted to tell us. This is the first time I visit the USA, so I want to learn American culture and feel it in person during the program.

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