journal 1 YUKI NAKAO

I have wanted to study abroad before. Because I want to, of course, improve my English skills and experience variety things by studying abroad. In the future, I would like to become an engineer who can be active in the world in the field of aerospace business such as JAXA. Then, English is necessary for communication to such work. Therefore, I want to cultivate communication skills (especially listening and speaking skill) that I can tell my opinion in English and get used to local culture through this program. And when I have been to some foreign countries, I felt that there are many things that I cannot experience without going abroad. For example, there are times when I do not know what to say when speaking in English quickly what I thought or felt. Because when I am in Japan I do not have much chance to speak English, I can find out whether knowledge I know is correct or not and what part I should study more by talking with foreigners. And I can know true English not written in textbooks. So, I try to talk to foreign people as much as I can which can only do and experience by going abroad. Furthermore, this program contains Focus Group work and Dialogue lunch, which we must think and speak my opinion actively. These are chance to not only learn English but also get knowledge by using English. Today‚Äôs theme of Framework Lecture is the history of Williamsburg. I learned about this knowledge because I came to this university and I could interact by listening to the opinions and arguments of local people about this knowledge. But, I have not been able to say my opinion in English yet. So, I’d like to speak first without fear of failure from tomorrow. I would like to work hard so that I can acquire English knowledge as well as interacting with local people.

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