Journal entry 1

It is my first time visiting United States and I was excited but also very nervous. I was worried about whether I can communicate with PAs and CIs using English. However my worries go away immediately. When we arrived at the dorm, they welcomed us warmly. All my nervous get away and I can easily speak with them. I realized that we don’t need perfect English to be friend, but saying own opinions are very very important. We should express what we feel and think to others directly.
Also in the lecture, we have lots of opportunities to say our opinions and this experience was completely new to me. In Japan, we, students are the one who just get information from the professor. But in here, we do share opinions with the professors about the topic. I realized that professors are also learning from the our opinions. This experience motivates me a lot.

Racial issue was the most interesting topic for me. United States has wide variety of race in entire country. We discussed about black and white people and how they are treated differently these days and I simply surprised! I  knew that there was an discrimination against black people especially before the civil war. However,  from the lectures and discussion I had, I learned the fact that black people were having a unthinkable treatment from the government. At the time, government was taking a census to know the country but black people wasn’t able to be count as one person. They were counted as 3/5 person because they were believed to be animals such as monkeys. When I heard this fact, my heart hurts a lot. In Japan, we don’t have many kinds of race so we don’t usually fight with the other race. Therefore,  I  think there are many Japanese like me who don’t know exactly how black and white treated differently. And I strongly believe that we all have to learn what was happening in the United States with numerous perspectives.

I felt as if it were my own affair. If the world globalized, there will be many people going around the world. We all should know that there are many people who has much different thoughts and opinions. We should be tolerant and never forget to respect others.

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