Journal (Entry 1)

In retrospect past 3 days in Virginia, a first impression of difference between Tokyo, Japan and Virginia, the U.S. is a special structure of water spaces. In japan, the water spaces like a bathroom is a little bit small in comparison to one in Virginia because Japan is smaller than the U.S. so the priority level of water spaces are low rating compared with other spaces, almost people spend much time in the middle of one’s home like a living room and dining room, I think.

I hope to archive during this program is 2 reasons. Firstly is to feel local culture in U.S. through the food, environmental situation, buildings and so on, and in this experience, I would like to feedback my design of architecture. Secondly, I have to learn English. I will work at the company of real estate development next year, so it may increase the opportunity that I have to speak English as a business situation. So, these 2 reasons I would like to do things in the program by the last summer vacation in my student life.

And I had a negative images through the lecture of diversity in the U.S. like economical side and the educational opportunities, but on the other hand, there are good things of diversity at the side of competition or contrast like political problems, district and generations gap. Both parties (Republicans and Democrats) brush up each political measures because they stimulate each other.

On the other hand, I am really interested in the relationship with the colonial towns and lifestyles living in there because I am majoring in architecture and urban planning. So I could learn the lifestyle of Williamsburg through the historical museum like architectural styles and the locale of the colonies.

I am looking forward to some activities in this program!

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