I’m really happy to be able to get this chance to take part in this program. In order to come to America, I firstly took ANA’s plane. It was really surprised me because of the food and the service. I once went to Canada by China Eastern Airline. The food for international airline was better than normal airline. However, comparing with ANA, it was worse. Even though the food was really nice, I was really bothered by its time service. The air-hostess assigned a milk bread on 5a.m.! As a result,I couldn’t’t fall in sleep again.

Next, I want to talk some my own thinkings about the lecture I took today, which was about the Colonial Williamsburg and American history. I really like such topic about history. However it really conversed me at first. It was my first time to hear about “locale”, and the lecture really let me think about how to define “local”. I used to think that local means the people who were born in that place. However, professor Knight told me how he defines local. He regards people who has been lived in a place for over 5 years as local. That’s really I never tought about. But actually, in Japan, people are called the local people of where they are living in — even they may live there for just several months. So I think it is quite difficult to judge a person if he/she is a local. And during the lecture, professor Knight talked about “powder magazine”, which I once thought it must be a magazine. However, my CI Chris told me “powder magazine” actually, is a building which was used to store powder for gun. I really want to why it is called as a “magazine”. Colonial Williamsburg is a really beautiful place, and I think it truly rebuilds what Williamsburg looked like in 18c, since it is just like the town I have seen on my history book. At this way, I really realized the importance of American Revolution to American.

At last, I want to talk some aout my cute roommate and PA, Lilin and Julia. Since my roommate is Chinese, I can communicate with her in Chinese when I have some problems. And she really helps me a lot. My PA, Julia, because she’s a really cute and outgoing girl, we became friends soon. She told me lots of things about American life and American food. And during our focus group work, she really helped us much and give me a lot of adviceto research necessary sources.

I hope it will be the best time in this summer.

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