My first impression of the program was really exciting and interesting. The campus and Colonial Williamsburg are very wide and beautiful and there are many nice shops around the campus. And the library where our TA took us has a lot of books and the atmosphere of the library was very quiet and suitable for studying.

In first lecture, professor talked about diversity of the United States. There are a lot of diversities in the US and some of them, such as regional and political diversity also exist in Japan, but others, such as racial and religious diversity are seldom seen in Japan.

During our discussion, we had some questions about the lecture and asked the professor them. Then he responded comfortably. The most interesting response was to the question that in Japan, most holidays are not religious, how about America. Professor’s answer was that now most of American holidays are not completely religious and they mostly have elements of commerce. The reason why I thought the answer was interesting was that the content had connection with our focus group presentation.

     As the episode of the dialogue class shows, professors are very kind. And TAs and Pas are also very kind to us and they help us whenever we have troubles. Thanks to such help, we were able to work smoothly.

     In the second lecture, professor talked about how Williamsburg developed. According to the lecture, the process has both American and non-American aspects. American aspect is to try to build new buildings. On the other hand, non-American aspect was to leave historical elements. We saw the video of drawing both past and present appearance of the town. And after the lecture, we actually went to the place where video introduced and we were able to get image more clearly.

     However, as for myself, particularly in a dialogue class, I tend to be shy and nervous, because I cannot translate what I want to say into English, so even when I had a chance to say my opinion, I missed it in dialogue classes. That was too wasteful and I have to change my passive attitude into more positive during the program as soon as possible. And I also felt that I should have more communication with TAs when we eat and work together by seeing other motivated participants talk to TAs actively. The existence of other motivated participants encouraged me to learn more, not to be content with a present state. I am really glad to meet such intelligent, inspired and motivated participants in the program. To tell the truth, I was really overwhelmed at some intelligent students, but the program has just started, so I have a lot of time to learn many things. I promise to participate in every class, discussion and presentation actively and do my best all the time.

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