My first impression of Williamsburg was peaceful. I have been to New York for sightseeing, there was a so busy city and there were so many people. Compared with this,Williamsburg is more calm and peaceful than I thought. the campus is so huge that I am going to get lost. On the way to the dorm,I found a small squirrel!  I was surprised that here was really rich in nature. And some people and family who was walking with their dog, jogging around the campus and chilling on a bench could be seen. The campus was community-baced and loved by people who lives in here I thought. In the day time, it was too hot and humid for me, but in the evening, it was comfortable and nice weather. I was surprised that it was bright outside even at night.

During the program,I want to feel a atmosphere in Washington D.C. Because D.C is the political and economic center of the world. I really want to visit there, So I am looking forward to staying there. And also I hope to improve my English skills and study more about what American culture is.

After yesterday’s Framework lectures, I found it was just my stereotype that most people in U.S are Christians. Like this, stereotypes of some countries are far from they really are. And also I have a stereotype that people in the U.S are really friendly and talkative. So I would like to make sure by communicating with them during this program. At the same time, I wonder what stereotypes do people have about Japan in the U.S. And I learned about diversity in the U.S. The U.S has great diversity for example race, religious and educational opportunity. Sometimes these diversity have a trouble like a immigrant issue. However, the new way of thinking will be fostered by exchanging diverse values. So it was a really important factor that makes up the U.S now I thought.

Today, I want to Colonial Williamsburg. There was a really great and historical place. I saw a band who play traditional instruments by chance! it was stunning. Then I passed by the capitol. I was so impressed to think that “the U.S” started from here. It was a great experience for me.

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