When I got off the airplane, I was very nervous rather than excited. I cannot caught and understand English well, and I have not been surrounded by English speakers so much so far. Not only that, but I have a few knowledge in life of American. So, I was very confused. However I persuade myself that I must not escape in my situation. This program is very ideal one, and I have valuable opportunity now. So I have to struggle with my full force, even if my English is not good. The good news for me, everyone extended a warm welcome to us, and my roommate is the student of the William and Mary. That made me happy and encouraged me. I want to communicate with them, and end of this program, I will get confidence in communicate with foreign people. It is my goal.

After I arrived at college, I was very surprised, because of huge, nature, many buildings, many statue, pond, bridge, tourists (talking about ghost or family) and so on. Keio University, Mita Campus is small. There is maybe only one statue of Yukichi Fukuzawa (founder the university), few trees, no pond and bridge. There are many people, but almost all teachers and students. In Japan, my university life at campus and private life are separating, and I think Campus is the place to study. It takes about two hours to go from my house to Mita Campus. So study and life are emotionally and physically far. Moreover the campus station a guard at the gate. So for person having no connection to the university, it is hard to enter the campus freely. However I think that in the United States the almost all life in campus except vacation, and campus is the place not only to study but also for life. Study and life are very close. In addition, the campus is opened to everyone. So everyone can enter the campus freely. The college and the town come together. It is very wonderful. I’m happy to spend two weeks this environment, I will enjoy this program by my every senses.

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