I have two my first impressions of the USA. The first, I couldn’t catch what people say, because they speak much faster than I expected. I have spoken to clerks at the airport and a pizza shop in the USA. Whether I knew the words they use, it’s difficult to understand because of their natural speaking. Also in the William and Mary, teachers speak very fast for me, so I can’t understand so much, and expect what they are taking about. The second, that is because I haven’t had opportunity to speak in English so much, I couldn’t translate Japanese in English immediately. Also, I didn’t really know phrases in daily conversation. I have learned English for about 6 years, but I felt that I didn’t have a command of English. After all, I keenly realize my lack of English skills and knowledge in the USA.

There are three reasons that I decided to participate in this program. The first, I want to improve my English speaking, listening, and writing skills. Especially I am weak in speaking and writing. I think learning English is essential. For example, in this global society, everyone is required that we could speak English. Also, I’m in the faculty of science and engineering, and I will have to declare my research in English in the future. So, English is necessary for me. The second, I wanted to experience something different from others. I’m going to the Keio University, I don’t know what people in other universities spend their school lives of course. Therefore, I want to broaden my view thorough this program. Furthermore, I hope to change myself in thoughts and behavior. The third, I am always afraid that make a mistake, so I would be seized with fear when I stand in front of people. I want to overcome it as much as possible thorough this program. To achieve these aims, I am going to speak English many times, and coming in touch with an American culture positively.

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