We arrived at Williamsburg on August 3rd, and soon came to the university of William&Mary. I was nice to meet the staffs of W&M. And everyday lectures excite me so much because I have never taken lectures like these.

 The most impressive lecture is framework2. The words “local” and “locale” were mentioned in the lecture, but I was not familiar with the world “locale”. The different of the two was so difficult for me. Though “local” is both adjective and noun, “locale” is only noun and so important word. That means a place associated with particular events. Professor Knight connect “locale” to Williamsburg. The town is a local special place now and it has two aspects. American face and “un-American” face. The un-American face of Williamsburg is that it sticks to the history of it and it does not built new buildings, though America usually values “new thing”. In addition, he explained to me that “un” has 2meanings that is “not” and “anti”, “against”. Contrary, the “American” face of Williamsburg is that the town was made to be clean, simple, efficient to consume for visitor. I was wondering that although it is said that “America” is the country of diversity and anything is allowed as variety, whether there is something un-American. I think it is one of the issue of “locale” and also what is “American”. Maybe what is American cannot be mentioned as one words, or one context. We also saw the history of Williamsburg, this also show as the truth that the town is not a common place in America. This interested me so much.

 And we went to Colonial Williamsburg tour. I was so excited that I saw how the Williamsburg takes importance on the history of it. But on the contrary, how it is adjusted to tourism. The houses are restricted to these of 17th century and the town is so clean and neat, so it is good to take a photo. Moreover, there is some photo spot where execution is done. Actually I think this shows us that Williamsburg is “locale”. This experience was so valuable for me!

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