I have never been to US so far, so this is my first time I came to US. I was surprised by everything is so big, such as college campus, road and food. On the College of William and Mary web site it is not so large, but in japan this is one of the largest campus. My achievement is not only to study English but also learn about knowledge about differences between America and Japan and to think deeply about them.

I could understand about US has many kinds of diversity. Especially, I interested in socio-economic diversity because I major in politics and I studied about American politics problem last semester. As Kristina said in the lecture, money controls politics in America and this caused socio-economic diversity.  Advertisement is one of the most important elements to win the election, because people are greatly influenced by the mass media. The mass media provides information to voter about politic policy. Recently, people have little interest in politics and some people do not effort to try to get information myself about politics. In short, the only way that passive people get information is using the mass communication. Thus, both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have to make many kinds of advertisement such as radio commercials and television commercials and both party should buy the time to play the commercials from the TV program and it costs too much. Thus, we can say that money move people’s voice and politics. Furthermore, American government do not restrict the expenditure of create advertisement and it seems as if the sky is the limit when it comes to raising and spending campaign funds. Kristina said this was diversity of US, but the more money congressional incumbents spend in the general election the more likely they are in trouble. I think this can corrupt democratic election system. For example, industry association, labor unions and corporations spend much more money lobbing elected officials at the national level than they do trying to influence their election victories or defeats. I mean people who can give a lot of money does not matter who are elected and who are not elected. They give the money to the incumbent to have an advantage. I can say that politics are moved by interest groups. I think this case is not democratic politics.

I think usually diversity is good for us but sometimes it has bad effect for us.



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