I have two first impression of America.

First, I was impressed that people talk actively. For example, at the welcome dinner, one student assistance said “I don like silence” and she talked many things and asked us many questions. In Japan I don’t mind very much about silence during dinner so I was surprised. Another example, when we had dinner with focus groups, I thought workers and customers were communicating frequently. I was amazed that worker asked us feelings about food, and I felt it was good thing to communicate with employees and customers. Furthermore I found that not only worker but also customer is active about talking with other customer. When we waited at entrance, one women asked us where we came from. From these experience I noticed that in America talking is important things, so I think I have to talk actively.

Second, I was impressed that the outside is hot but inside the room is very cold because of the air conditioner. I heard about it in advance, but difference in temperature is more intense than I expected. At the same time I was surprised some people wore sleeveless shirt inside the room. I learned that I should bring a cardigan in America.

Next I will explain two things that I hope to achieve during this program.

First, I would like to experience other countries culture, because I have never been to abroad until this program. Especially I want to experience American food, education using my senses. In my image American food is covered in oil and big, and American sweets are too sweet. And about education, in my image, classes in America are more active than Japanese classes. Through experience I want to check whether my image about America is collect or not collect. In addition I expect that I find new information about America.

Second, I hope to improve my English skills. Especially I’m not good at speaking ability, so I try to communicate with assistants many time and improve it. Until now I have not speak English positively because I have no confidence my English ability. But during this program there are many chances using English, so I want to use English actively and practice talking.

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