The lecture on August 7th was about gender and sexuality. Professor said there were two concepts, gender identity and sexual orientation. There is a sexual diversity in the world, but how people accept it depends on each country. In my opinion, American people are more tolerant toward the sexual diversity than Japanese, even though there are suits about sexuality in both countries. This is because marriage with the same sex is legal in America, and in Japan it is illegal. In addition, most Japanese people can’t easily accept difference from others, so some people regard people who is LGBTQ as strange and crazy, and they look down on and segregate LGBTQ people. I don’t think so at all, and we need to accept each other.

      On 8th, I had a lecture about the race relation in the U.S. I also had the slave trail in Richmond. Through the experiences, I felt the problem of race is very realistic to American people, especially African Americans, and I was ashamed that I didn’t know much about the history of African American people. In Japan, something is different, but there are also some problems about race. Some of them are between Japanese and Korean people, and others are between Japanese and Chinese people. In that situation, I think it’s important for everyone in the world to keep it in mind to separate the past and present.  This is because we live in the present, and we can’t change the past, though we can learn a lot of things from the past. And we need to break all stereotypes, because streotypes are often different from the reality, so we need to face the reality.

The lecture on 9th is about music. This topic is the most familiar to me of all lectures so far, because I like music so much.  I learn the songs structures of Blues. That was so persuasive. Through this three lectures and the slave trail, I came up with an idea that some diversities and culture have a strong connection. For example, Blues history relate to black people history. Diversities bring about some great culture. This can be said all over the world.

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