Journal 2

In August 7th, I took lecture about Gender, and Sexuality. I have not even heard the words, “Queer or Questioning” and “cisgender.” In Japan, equal rights for both sexes are advocated, and recently the social progress of women are more stimulated. It was supported by the government policy “Working style reforms.” It is including promotion of active social participation by women. However, maybe we rarely talk about Transgender or LGBTQ, and we have only a few opportunities to learn about them. I think Japanese come to show understanding little by little, but we lacks sense to them yet. I have a friend who is Lesbian. She loved my friend when I was 17 and he come out to only best friends. When I asked her why you came out to me and don’t come out everyone, she answered, “I don’t want to understand me everyone. And, I don’t want them to think I am unusual and keep a distance. However, I am me. So I want my friends to know and understand me everything. If anyone cannot accept me, this is something that cannot be helped.” I think it is hard to live for them a little. I wonder why many LGBTQ or transgender “men” appear on Japanese TV programs, but these “women” hardly appear on the programs. In contrast, in the United States, maybe it is easier to live more Japan. They took long time, and now got the understanding and rights of marriage. In my search, a lot of lesbian appear on American TV programs, Jodie Foster, Ellen DeGeneres and so on. (However, I don’t know about transgender women.) It is interesting things that the magazine, the TV programs, the events targeting to LGBTQ are growing in the US so they have power to society. I don’t know how Japan and the US change or no in the future, however we cannot ignore them.

Yesterday, we went to Slave Trail and Monument Avenue. Monument Avenue was very interested for me. In Japan, there are many interesting sculptures on the roadside. However, these are just art, not including historical meaning. I think American people more value the long history of the US and live being conscious of history than Japan. I think Japanese value tradition, but we don’t acknowledge as much as history. American people are good at making place mixing the history so I want to feel that a lot in days left.

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