Journal 2

 In the 3rd lecture, I learned about gender and sexuality. The teacher Renee Kingan told about the difference between gender and sex. According to her, gender is “set of social and behavioral norms appropriate for people of a specific sex.” On the other hand, she said that sex is a biological distinction: male and female. Perhaps many American people know the difference. In Japan the number of people who knows it is comparatively low because there are little education of sex. For instance, In Japanese junior high and high school, there are few opportunities that students are taught about the existence of LGBTQs. In many Japanese texts, it is written that when you reach puberty, you come to love the other sex people. I think that the low recognition of gender and sexuality like this in Japan is a big problem.

In the dialogue class after the lecture, I got bright information about LGBTQs rights were more important in America before Japan. The following is a main reason about it. American comes from various areas so, in America there is more OK diversity and difference compared to Japan, and many American people fully recognize it. I haven’t never thought about the difference of formation of population between America and Japan as a reason of the understanding of LGBTQs. I think that it can’t be said that Japan is a multiracial nation so I couldn’t focus on such a difference.

 Also today I joined dance, listening to and watching Jazz performance with the Dog Street Rhythm Kings. I’ve never known that there are so many kinds of dance, and I was glad to know the aspect of American culture. I’m,so tired of dancing, but it was very fantastic time for me!! In fact, I negatively thought about dancing because I was not good at physical activity. However once I tried to dance today, It was too much fun even if I couldn’t dance well. So through this experience, I felt that it was important to try to do various things before worrying about deeply.

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