Journal 2

After the 3rd lecture, Gender and Sexuality in America, I thought it was very interesting lecture for me, because, in Japan, people do not talk about it. Thorough this lecture, we learned that the difference of the Gender and Sexuality: Gender is used as the word about society and Sexuality has relation with biology. From the viewpoints of liberty and equality, we have to think about it very carefully, because there are various people who have different ideas or thoughts. For example, a person who was born as a woman but wanted to be a man is struggling against the biological sexuality. And as the most of important thing, we have to think about the legislation against the transgender people. Not only America, Japan also has the union of the LGBT, although this is not talked about it deeply in Japan. Therefore, we have to discuss this topic in Japan like the Trump’s policy against the transgender people is proper or not.

On the 4th lecture, I learned about the Racism, especially black people and white people I the US. Since early 1600s, England people came to North America and started to live in. And the residents, Indians started to speak English and became to be Christian. As the famous example, Pocahontas who was an Indian chose a way to cooperate with England people such as learning English and became to a Christian. Regardless her efforts, White people started to the slavery since 18th century. And it led the beginning of the war of the racism. Moreover, there are still barrier between White people and Black people in the subliminal level. Through this lecture, I understand that history plays an important roll in the US society, and people never ignore the history both sad things and happy things. However, in Japan, some young people do not have any interests about history and some of them do not know about it at all. Certainly, these days, Japan does not have problem about racism and it seems that they do not have to understand the history of racism. However, in the globalizing society, Japanese people have to discuss the history of racism and to prepare for the liberty and equality.

After the 5th lecture, I was surprised to know that some Jazz music has a rule like 12bar rule. And The Blue, which was popular music in America, comes from African-America and mixed with White people’s music. I have not take any lectures about music, so this lecture is very interested for me. In Japan, people love various types music like rock, pop, classic, and idols’ music, so there are not any rules about the music beats. When I back to Japan, I will listen to music carefully and try to find the beat rules.

During visiting the Richmond, I learned about many things about American history. First, they never look down on the history, whatever it is. The slave history and the trials are sad thing but they never ignore them. Through visiting the trails, I thought that Japanese people reconsider their styles against their history, because they tend not to respect it. Second, Richmond is not only sad symbol but also shows that nowadays people should make good relation with various people and protect liberty and equality. In Japan, people often see only the sad or negative side of some history. But history does not show only one side. Thorough this program, I re-found the importance of the history.

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