Journal 2

In the framework lecture on August 7, the teacher talked about gender and sexuality. I did not know the difference of the meaning between gender and sexuality before. But after the lecture, I realized that difference. Sexuality is biological innate identity, so it is decided by nature. On the other hand, gender is performativity identity. It is not biological, and used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological one.

I think that in America recognition and institution for sex is more advanced than in Japan. Unfortunately, in Japan, there is still bullying and discrimination against LGBT currently. Because most people have no recognition for LGBT, they have resistance feeling.

Also, rights of transgender are not legally guaranteed rights equivalent to heterosexual couples. So, there are many restrictions on marriage with same sex, and having children and inheriting are not legally institutionalized.

In Japan, there is a tendency not to announce to others that almost transgender people are. Telling it to people as being LGBT has the harmful effect of being unlikely to want they to stay in the same space or being unable to get into a specific occupation.

In America, same sex marriage is legalized in 2015, and policies and institutions are adopted more actively than in Japan.

I think the reason for the small number of institutions for them is that there are less people’s understandings and it tends to conceal what is LGBT. In order to make life easier as LGBT, it is necessary to change other people’s perception.

I guess that education at school is effective. Learning about transgender people at school and knowing that they exist close to us will deepen our understanding and will be able to make contract with people of LGBT without resistance. By doing so, the system will be fulfilled and people of the transgender will be able to live in the same environment as other people.

In the framework lecture on August 8, the topic was the race relations. Black Africans who worked as slaves in the plantations had been discriminated by white people for a long time. But US Supreme Court decided separate black and white schools were illegal in 1954. Since then, laws and institutions dealing fairly with black Africans and White people were created, and finally Obama, who is a Black African, became the president of the United States.

I realized what we can say in common, like gender and racial differences, is that if people are deepened in recognition and understanding, those who are in the minority can live equality.

These tasks are very complicated. But I can get the opportunity to think again through lectures and have a new perspective.

I would like to positively ask questions that I do not understand even after tomorrow lectures.

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