Journal 2

Thought the lecture, I understand that the U.S. has two segregations, LGBTQ and white and black. Especially, I interested in the problem about segregation among black and white. I will focus on the differences of segregation between Japan and the United States.

I was surprised that there was explicit segregation among black and white in the U.S. until quite recently. Civil war lows abolished racial segregation in 1964. This is just 53 years ago and it is around when our parents were born. It was very recently! I was surprised that though the U.S. has  important roles in the world now, the U.S. has bad aspects of history until recently and it is not solved completely now as professor said.

Professor said that there are many little segregations among black and white in the U.S. now. For example, the goods on a black hand is tend not to sale in the e-bay. In Japan, there are many little segregations too. For example, segregation about ranks. In the Meiji Era, people divided six ranks. It is said that segregation of the bottom two ranks is still remain now. However, I have never seen and heard it directly. I think this is most important point in Japan. I mean the case that people do not realize or try not to realize is most serious problem in Japan. There are still segregations now in both countries. But people try to change the society and the situation is getting well in the U.S. On the other hand, in Japan, people do not realize the segregation. In the discussion class, professor said the ways to end the segregation are improving education and knowing each other. In my opinion, American should think more deeply about feeling that black people have. In the Richmond hiking, I could imagine the ancient black people who tie the chain each other. And  in Japan, I think the first thing the mass media should try to tell the truth about segregation. Moreover, each Japanese have to make effort to realize the truth that there are people who are suffering from segregations.

Also, I interested in the American music culture because I often play the guitar and I often go to Jazz concerts. However, I did not know very well about Blues and music history of the U.S. I understand that American music is combined a lot of country’s music. So, American have many kinds of music and there is diversity of the music. On the other hand, Japanese music just imitates another country’s music, especially the U.S. and England. Japanese music nowadays is very boring and nothing important for me because this is not something peculiarly Japan. But, I think lyrics of Japanese music is very fascinating, so I think Japanese should more appeal the Japanese music culture to all over the wolrd.

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